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A compelling and versatile performer, Dan plays piano, guitar, accordion, harmonica and ukulele, frequently switching between them in live performance, as a vaudeville clown would change his hats.  From country to jazz, folk to punk, klezmer to classical, his music transcends genre. 

Inspired by such a spectrum of artists as Tom Waits, Nina Simone,  Thelonious  Monk, Will Oldham, Woody Guthrie, Leonard Cohen, Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill, Townes van Zandt and a variety of  Modern New Orleans piano players, Dan is no stranger to bizarre, poetic, theatrical and occasionally political songwriting.  The threads which run through all of his music include irreverence, revelry, revelation and social relevance. 

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Song of New Orleans


DANIEL KAHN & The Painted Bird:

Fronted by Jewish-Detroiter singer-songwriter Daniel Kahn on vocals, accordion, piano and guitar with East German Johannes Paul Graesser on fiddle, US expat composer Michael Tuttle on upright bass and a rotating roster of some of Berlin and New Yorks best young Klezmer and Balkan players, the band was formed in Berlin in fall of 2005. Guest artists on the CD include NY downtown Tsadik players Brandon Seabrook & Eric Rosenthal (Naftule's Dream), Holland's rising yiddish folk diva Niki Jacobs (Nikitov), and members of Berlin's "Grinstein's Mishpoche" and "Shikker Vi Lot." Like the grotesque Jerzy Kosinski novel from which they take their name, The Painted Bird reminds us that even if man is only an animal, he can still sing.  

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Dan Kahn DAN KAHN: river mouth

"Dan writes like the rainy ghost of Woody Guthrie hitched a ride with Tom Waits to New Orleans, spilling accordions, ukuleles, busted pianos, and broken dreams all over the road from Brooklyn to the bayou."

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Dan Kahn DAN KAHN: pegboard blues

Underneath the hard earth, hidden in the gravel pits and lumber yards, away in the woods, amid unmarked graves and wood rot, the Pegboard Blues are waiting. From the iron works and farms of the industrial north to the flood gates of New Orleans.

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Dan Kahn DAN KAHN: pireus

Salty, sleep-deprived nights and sweltering, sun-baked days, this intimate collection of solo acoustic ballads, love laments, drinking dirges and poetic reveries is the result of a wine-soaked misadventure around the islands and olive groves of Greece.

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Daniel Kahn DANIEL KAHN: uprooted oak

Dirty grounds and a truck full of wine. Water towers and unsent letters. Floating tables and drive-in theatres. Burning highways and twisted oaks. Misty valleys and railroad carriages. Sour love and bitter drinks. Paper streets and empty oceans.

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